Friday, January 21, 2011

Fashionable Friday: Falling-Apart Flats

Brace Yourself.....

First of all, try to ignore the gross-ness of my swollen feet - just observe the distress of my poor gold flats.Their soles are being held on with Gorilla Glue and prayers and the insides are absolutely disgusting.

But I still keep them because 
1) i am not buying any new shoes until my feet no longer resemble those of elephants
2) it is so freakin' hard to find plain gold flats.

Seriously do you know how difficult it is to find flats with no accents, pleating, bows, gems, grommets, or any other embellishment?! Extremely.

I've looked high and low for a flat that is gold, but not bronze. I want a plain pair since I usually wear gold flats with my costume gold jewelry, which is loud enough without needing a busy pair of shoes paired with it.

Usually, the only one I can find are WAY out of my price range, for example:

Kors by Michael Kors "Olympia" flat $165
J. Crew "Cece" cracked metallic ballet flats $118

But thank God for Ebay because I have found a few possibilities there:

Ebay "Mary Jane" starting at $19.99 (plus S+H)

Same Ebay seller - plain gold flats starting bid at $12.99

These are actually the exact pair I currently own by Max Collection, with a buy it now price of $9.75

Have ya'll seen any plain gold flats around that are less than $30?

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  1. I feel your pain. My walabees are not in great shape. hopefully I can get a new pair next month.