Thursday, November 10, 2011

Southern Homecomings

This post is incredibly belated since homecoming at our church Webbs Chapel Baptist was almost a month ago, but I wanted to post the pictures anyway - and along with these pictures some faux pas that you can commit at a church homecoming in the South that will get all the old church ladies ragging on you.

But first, pictures.

sleepy baby and a fake smile on Joshua
my mama, mema & Aunt Pam
Sissy & John John
that's four generations (mema, mama, me & Dee and Sawyer).
Now, before I start this rant let me just say that I am not trying to discourage people from attending church or homecomings at churches. I love my church and I love the Lord, there is nothing quite like homecoming surrounded by family, friends, church family and wonderful southern food, but there are some rules guidelines I think you should follow. Especially if you are a church member, not a visitor. I will probably get a few not so nice comments and maybe even lose a few followers over this, but hey it's just my opinion.

1) Wear your best. If you cannot afford nice clothes or if you are coming straight from work to church, by all means please come to church anyway but if you've got nice church clothes, please wear them. When I was little, homecoming meant a new dress every year, however there have been a few occasions where Big Mark had to attend homecoming in scrubs, so I understand. But don't just let your youngen come to church in skinny jeans, a hoodie and tennis shoes if you can help it please. Have some respect for the church and the day.

2) Don't you dare make a "take-out" place. I mean it. Unless you are fixing a plate for a sick or home-bound church member, don't you treat the homecoming buffet like a feeding trough. Trust me, if those church ladies so much as see you with a take-out plate in your hand, they will snatch up their food from that table faster than you can say "chicken broccoli casserole".

3) If you invite a bunch of people, cook for them. This mainly applies to current members. Homecoming meals at Webbs Chapel are potluck, so that means you cook enough for yourself and anyone you invite. That does not mean that you can be a lazy bones and just invite 30 people and say "oh there's always plenty of food", it doesn't work that way. However please do invite people, the more the merrier, but if they plan on eating you should bring some food for them too if you're able.

4) Don't you dare show up JUST for the food. Seriously, that is rude. Homecoming is worshiping at either the church you/your family grew up in or now attend then enjoying food and fellowship afterwards. It is not about just showing up to cram you face full of food that's been prepared. Again, there are special circumstances like getting off work just in time for the food and fellowship, but laziness and rude-ness is not an excuse.

5) Be friendly. There will probably be a few people who come to homecoming who haven't been to church in forever, go and speak to them and make them feel like they're welcome (yes, even if they haven't followed the "guidelines"). We want them to come back whether they are dressed in their best or their worst. If they don't follow the guidelines, don't be hateful they might just not know how to act - instead set the example for how a church member should be acting.


  1. love this post. my daddy wouldve killed me if i dared wear jeans to church! one time i wore converse with my dress slanks (have no clue why) and i got in so much trouble for being disrespectful.
    and it never failed every year we got a brand new christmas and easter dress.
    ive grown to absolutely love getting dressed up for church. and no strapless dresses! :)

  2. It sounds like a wonderful time. And very good points.