Thursday, December 1, 2011

hair pulling, blood pressure raising busy

work is crazy to say the least.
it's December now which means I need to work on...

  • getting the district's holiday cards sent to the other school systems

  • create certificates and programs, order programs and prepare my speech for Gold Key Awards

  • wrap up our United Way campaign and collect and count the money from my 15 sub-coordinators

  • meet one more time with my Accreditation Standard 6 Committee so we can go over our survey results and answers to the focus questions to be submitted to the big Accreditation team
  • order another banner for Edgecombe Early College High School since I messed up the first one (who knew there was a difference between "Honor School of Excellence" just plain ole "School of Excellence?)
  • start the calendar planning process for next school year
  • set my department budget for the 2012-2012 fiscal year

I do NOT make enough money to have this much on my plate. Meanwhile my BP is climbing higher and higher, thanks for your well wishes yesterday, I have an appointment with the endocrinologist Monday to see if something is wrong with my thyroid. 

and if someone comments "be happy you have a job" I will die.


  1. Girl, I feel your pain! I would NEVER say just be thankful because it is really tough to have such a demanding job! I'm usually that busy from July-October and always think of how I'm not getting paid nearly enough! lol. You'll make it though - just keep thinking positive Christmasey thoughts ;)

  2. No snide remarks here, just a big hug and a prayer. May you find the strength to do all that you need to do. Take Care.

  3. Glad your BP is getting under control!! Hopefully you will be feeling better sooon!!

  4. I hope they figure out what's wrong right away!

  5. That is a lot on your plate. Try to breathe and relax this weekend. Glad you are feeling better

  6. oh no. that's a lot to handle. you're in my prayers. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear what you think of my Holiday party post. xo