Tuesday, December 20, 2011

i'm back (sorta)

Hey ya'll! 

Sorry for the prolonged absence but life has been ridiculous lately. Things at work are finally starting to slow down, Sawyer is crawling up a storm, but starting to listen better when we say "no", I am almost done Christmas shopping and the choir performed our Christmas Cantata Sunday so things should hopefully be getting back to normal soon.
Sawyer helping Uncle John John & Aunt Dee Dee unwrap presents at the Moody's
Sawyer holding the microphone during the Christmon service at church

You may have noticed my lack of status updates, tweets and pins - it's because I have lost all contact with the outside world because of one piece of technology failing. My BlackBerry is broken. And it has been since Thanksgiving (thanks to my little Sawbug who chewed it so hard he gave it water damage and created a short between the keyboard and the screen).  Thankfully, I have my work cell phone for things like phone calls and quick texts, but I miss my precious BlackBerry and BBM with every fiber of my being. It's crazy.

So why not just get another one?

Because our insurance deductible is $100 and I just can't see myself paying that. Luckily, we have a lot of belief points, which you earn from US Cellular for things like taking surveys, years of service and referring others to the company. Thanks to those belief points we will be up for an upgrade in January, so I am just waiting until then to get a new phone. We've also used the points to get car chargers for our phones, it's awesome. (and no, US Cellular did not make me do this post nor are they paying me)

Meanwhile, I have no idea who has had a baby, whose gotten engaged, who is mad at who on Facebook, if any celebrities have posted funny tweets or pics on Twitter (and by celebrities I obviously mean Pink Lou Lou, Tara, Katie & Mrs. Monologues) or if someone has created a new crafty DIY on Pinterest.

So, I apologize for my disappearing act and I promise to be a better blogger. Meanwhile, I have got some comments to leave and some emails to return. Happy Tuesday everybody!