Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Josh's Surprise Weekend: Part 2 - THE FOOD

(read part 1 here)

We woke up Sunday morning with a little predicament.

We needed to check out by 10am, but the Food Truck Rodeo didn't start until 12:30pm. We couldn't go to a restaurant and wait because we were starving, and wanted to stay that way so we could be gluttonous at the park. We didn't want to go walk around a mall or anything. So, we decided to visit Chapel Hill.

We've been to Chapel Hill a few times for work things and conferences, a football game and some basketball games but never really ridden through Franklin Street in the daylight. So we decided that with time to kill, Sunday would be a good day to do so.

I, of course, gawked at the beautiful homes on E. Franklin, admiring the southern mansions and beautiful fraternity and sorority houses, my favorite being the Alpha Tau Omega place, check it out:

I love the downtown feel of Chapel Hill, families walking to church, students grabbing coffee and breakfast at the restaurants and yes a few students doing the dreaded walk of shame.
Then, my husband decided we needed to go to the Dean Dome, because after all it would be bad luck if we visited campus without seeing the Dean Smith Center (#sarcasm #myhusbandissuperstitious). There, at the Dean Dome is where my husband turned into a stalker. We had already had a very "basketball moment" on Saturday when we saw Duke University basketball player Seth Curry on the street, but then Josh saw Hubert Davis's (the assistant basketball coach at UNC) wife and kids crossing the street in front of the gym on campus and went berserk. So then we had to sit in the parking lot and straight up stalk the building waiting to see if Coach Davis was going to exit the building too. Luckily he didn't (I was legit scared Josh was going to pee his pants if he had).
Joshua felt the need to take yet another picture of the Dean Smith Center.
We made a quick stop at the most ghetto Toys R Us I've ever seen...

...and headed to Durham Central Park for the Food Truck Rodeo.

My first stop was to Parlez-Vous Crepe, I haven't had a good crepe since we came back from Paris, and let me tell you - these were on point. I got nutella and banana on mine and it was delish.

Josh's first choice was Porchetta where he got the Mediterranean sandwich with pulled pork, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and all kinds of things.


the oil was literally dripping from the paper (makes it even tastier).
My next stop was at Mama Duke's where I got the coconut curried chicken with fresh vegetables and sweet potato fries.

It was crazy spicy, which leads me to a major point (and a bit of advice). BRING YOUR OWN DRINKS TO A FOOD TRUCK RODEO. There was beer there and a few coolers with water and stuff at the food trucks, but if you want a soft drink, bring your own. Thank goodness, I had a Coke in the car.... that I made Josh walk and get since parking wasn't super close (thanks hubs).

Our next gastric adventure was at Gussy's, a Greek food truck where Joshua got a chicken pita sandwich, by this point I was still trying to hold a crepe in my pocket (seriously) and a basket of sweet potato fries in my hands, so no pics of that yummy thing. 
here's a picture of what Josh ate from their website though!
We then waited in line for about 10 minutes for what was promised to be the best dumplings ever at Chirba Chirba Dumplings

We got the "Juicy Juicy Pork" dumplings and they were absolutely delicious. They were my favorite thing I hate!

obviously my hands were too full to push my sunglasses up off the end of my nose...
they weren't lying about the "juicy, juicy" part...
Our final stop was at Sweet Traditions by LeAne, a cupcake truck!

I got a simple Red Velvet Cupcake while Josh got the Peanut Butter Cookie Cupcake... and I got icing everywhere so no photos were taken.

It was a great trip... and yes I may have had to change from jeans into yoga pants for the ride home so that I could breathe... but so worth it. Thanks again to Laura @ Life of Lu for posting about the Food Truck Rodeo when she went and giving me the idea!


  1. This trip looks like so much fun and that food is to die for!

  2. So fun! My sorority house was/is right next to ATO :) oh, and next time if it is open y'all should definitely go to the basketball museum next to the Dean Dome - your husband would love it seeing as he is fan of UNC bball!

  3. I love looking at old sorority/fraternity houses! My school has a newly Greek village so it lacks the historical aspect that gives them so much character!

  4. Uggg, this post is not helping my weight loss goals. I wanted to eat the screen!! haha
    loved it!!!


  5. Oh my goodness! All of that food looks delicious! I'm new to your blog and just moved to Durham (well in July)! I love looking at the stuff on Frankin Street also. We walked around there one day pretending to be young college kids again. :)

  6. This looks like so much fun! I live in Philadelphia and we do not have food trucks. It is so sad!