Wednesday, January 23, 2013

a dream is a wish your heart makes...

In light of Monday's holiday and Martin Luther King's famous speech, I decided I needed to post an update on a little dream of my own. Granted, my dream is nowhere near as amazing and selfless as his for equality, but important to me nonetheless. 

A long time ago (and by a long time ago, I mean last July) I posted about my dream of running my own event/reception hall designed to look like a rustic barn. We have nothing like this in our area and really the closest reception/event places are a good 20 minutes away.

I want to make THIS happen in our area:
Well... a church is for sale right down the street from my home down a path, behind a neighborhood.
Does it look like I want my reception hall to look? Absolutely not, but all I could think when I saw the big "For Sale" sign go up was, that could be where my dream happens. It is a rectangle building with good bones and a parking lot and isn't right on top of other buildings. Yes, it is a dated brick and has a steeple, but I am enthralled by all the potential. 

However, it is for sale for $350,000. That is money I can't even dream about having.

I want it with every fiber of my being. I cannot even explain how my heart squeezes when I go by it. But, there is no cure for this feeling, at least not right now. I am in no position to quit a steady job to chase a dream that is too far from my current reality. So, I am just doing sketchy drive-by's and dreaming of how I could turn it into something beautiful... while praying for an amazing sponsor who wants to be a silent partner and offer me tons of money. One day though, it will happen.

Do you have a dream?


  1. Oh my gosh! It would be PERFECT! How fun would gutting the inside of that be? There's a barn like that in OKC and it just makes my heart go pitter patter. If I had the money I would totally move to NC right this second and give it to you.

  2. Do you need a pro bono assistant?! That would be awesome! Unfortunately, I pretty much 'gettin by' but if I come up in money, you are my first call!

  3. What an amazing dream!! I'm sure that all the right doors will open for you at the perfect time!

  4. oh man that is such an amazing dream and I really hope you can do that one day!!!