Friday, January 25, 2013

weekend excitement.

Finally! The weekend for Josh’s “surprise” trip to the Food Truck Rodeo in Durham is here… you know,that one he ruined? But no matter, we will still be having a glorious time having a little weekend away, even if “away” is only 2 hours down the road.

However, it is supposed to ice/snow pretty bad in the area this weekend so I have been busy planning ways to be comfortable, warm and chic all at the same time.

Tonight we have reservations at “Revolution” a nice restaurant in downtown Durham...
isn't it swanky looking? I am turning a kinda summery dress that I wore for Hope’s bachelorette party (read about that adventure here, here, and here) into a winter dress with tights and a cardigan (and of course a giant coat since it's freezing).
tonight's attire:

Then  Saturday we’re just going to eat some lunch at Watt’s Grocery...

...and go see Gangster Squad before eating a VERY light dinner (we'll need an appetite for Sunday) while watching DVD’s we got for Christmas (since we’ll finally have time to do so).
saturday's outfit
(that's a purple infinity scarf by the way)

Sunday is the Food Truck Rodeo (Josh’s “surprise”) and we’ll be dealing with temps around 37 degrees, so most of my outfit will be hidden by my North Face, but just because I’m stuffing my face with forty different kind of yumminess, doesn't mean I have to look sloppy.

sunday's outfit (plus a coat):

Here’s hoping the weather isn’t truly horrible, and a big, ginormous thanks to my sister’s boyfriend John John for house/dog sitting for us! Don’t know what we’d do without him!
(this is John John)


  1. Have an awesome weekend! Sounds like you're going to have a lot of fun!

  2. I LOVE food trucks...this sounds like it's going to be an awesome weekend!