Monday, January 28, 2013

so full, can't even type

I ate so much over this weekend between the Food Truck Rodeo and just eating out for every meal that I can barely type. We had a great time despite canceled reservations, freezing temps and horrible ice and I promise to upload all the pics tonight for a post tomorrow!

Meanwhile, here are a few things I wish I'd asked for this Christmas, because I am just now realizing I need them. #randompost #frozenbrain

Patagonia Snap-T Pullover
I didn't like these at first and when my sister got one I was like "okkkay, why?" but they've grown on me and they look so comfy. 

Compare & Contrast Chevron Dress from Frock Candy
dying over this dress and the low $39 pricetag, sadly sold out of my size.

A plain long, white tank top 
I really just need a loose-fitting, long white tank, F21 to the rescue at only $5.80!

Red Dress Boutique's "Creme De La Creme" necklace
I have a pair of mint jeans I never even wore last spring because I could never find a mint necklace I liked, problem solved... now just to make husband gift it to me...


  1. Love the chevron dress and you seriously cannot go wrong with Patagonia pullovers!! I have a few of the women's and a men's version that is soo cozy!

  2. That chevron dress is adorable. I can't believe how reasonably priced it is!