Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fashionable Thursday, Friday & Saturday: A love/hate relationship with Forever 21

This is going to take three posts, because I have been stalking the F21 site lately....

I like Forever 21.... but I hate shopping in their store.

Their website is so nicely organized by category and size and such, yet their store is a pit of chaos. You find a sweater you like then have to spend the next thirty minutes hunting it down in your size. Or you see a dress you like online that is supposed to be offered in the store and by the time you've spent the afternoon searching the store for the dress, you don't even want it anymore.

I try to buy things from their website, but their sizes run so crazy on me it's impossible to get something without trying it on. Their shirts sometimes run small, their dresses sometimes fit me in the hips but not the waist, or their pants are about 6 inches to short (as are their dresses), everything must be tried on.

Forever 21 shoppers should be aware that the prices are usually low because the clothes aren't the absolute best quality. Now, I have a few F21 dresses and tops that fit great and I've had since like my freshman year of college, but other items have fallen a part as soon as I've worn them once.

The store is great for unique pieces that often resemble designer fashions and they're great for concerts, parties and the like. I also love that F21 has fancy dresses that aren't over-the-top and not so expensive for me to wear to weddings and showers. I especially adore their new Love 21 line that has more sophisticated, contemporary pieces instead of just club outfits.

Here are a few pieces I am dying over right now (that I certainly can't wear with the bump)

Love 21 - Silk Short Dress $29.80

Love 21 - Sleeveless Contrast Dress

Love 21 - Ruched Drape Dress $34.80

Love 21 - Paisley Print Dress $29.80

Twelve by Twelve - Ruffle Sleeve Top $28 

Twelve by Twelve - Bow Trim Tank $22

Owl Patch Sweater Cardigan $19.80

Preppy Chic Sweater Tunic $24.80

And one I can wear with the bump: Silk Contrast Maternity Dress $27.80

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  1. TOTALLY know what you mean about finding something in the store and then hunting all around for one in your size. I have done this TWICE (once, when I saw someone carrying something that I liked.....and another time when I found something that was misplaced on a random rack) & I don't think I've been back since that last time. It's so chaotic and crowded and frustrating. :( Super cute clothes, though! And great prices!