Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fashionable Thursday, Friday & Saturday: A love/hate relationship with Forever 21

Okay final day of my F21 fest.

One of my most-loved parts of Forever 21 is its accessories. They have the most unusual jewelry, hats, scarves and other fun adornments and you can find them both in the store and online.

Since the nearest store is about an hour away from Edgecombe County, I love buying my jewelry and etc. off the website, which is so much easier since accessories always fit :)

I love the things below and wish I had the courage to pull a few of them off (like the precious "cloche" hat and the big feather head)

Grosgrain Bow Cloche - $14.80
Satin Florals Headband - $3.80

Extra Soft Knit Scarf - $9.80

Cute Owl Necklace - $5.80
Leaf Accent Necklace - $7.80
Flower Cluster Necklace - $10.80
Aztec Beaded Necklace - $12.80

Bow Hinge Bracelet - $9.80
Rhinestone Bee Ring - $6.80
Flattened flower earrings - $4.80
Adorable Owl Post earrings - $3.80
Polished Peacock Earrings - $5.80
And who could forget their amazing shoes, mainly available online, the stores around here usually have a limited supply.
Knee High Suedette Cuff Boots - $34.80

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