Friday, October 22, 2010

Fashionable Thursday, Friday & Saturday: A love/hate relationship with Forever 21

Okay Day 2 of the explanation of my relationship with F21.

One of my favorite parts of the Forever 21 website is the Fashionable Finds section. They have really good deals for items that don't absolutely have to be the best quality.

Want a cowl-neck top that isn't too thick or a basic ribbed tank or even a pair of skinny jeans for under $11? This part of the website is just for you.

While there are plenty of fabulous finds in the store, it is so much easier to find them on the site where they are all lumped together in one section.

Here are a few of my favorite deals that F21 is offering right now:

Cowl Neck Knit Top $8.50

Cowl Neck Knit Tunic $10.50 (I told ya'll i have a "cow over cowl")

Fab Striped Boyfriend Cardigan - $12.50
Basic V-Neck Top $4.80
Fab 3/4 Sleeve Dress - $13.50
Fab Contrast Color Cardigan - $13.50

French Terry Biker Jacket - $16.50

Saddle Stitch Skinny Jean - $9.50

 Striped Knit Dress - $15.50
So, let's say a certain someone loses a LOT of weight after the baby is born and has to make a giant shopping trip... that someone could purchase ALL 9 of the items above for only $104.80 (plus tax & such)!
*Note to self, show husband this post.

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  1. Good morning from Tokyo! I have to agree with you 100% about it being easier to find things online than in the stores. I've been to the Forever 21 in Omotesando numerous times and can never find what I'm looking for. Thank goodness for the convenience of online shopping!

    A lovely October day to you and yours!