Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Halloween, Pregnant Edition

Next weekend will be Halloween and I'll be 23 weeks pregnant. Now, I have a nice sized bump, but it isn't ginormous yet, so what to do for a costume?
Okay, I was thinking I could paint a basketball on a white maternity tank-top then either cut a hole in a Carolina basketball jersey or pin it up around my belly so the basketball would show then just wear some Carolina sweats and such, this is Josh's favorite (of course)

This is my favorite

Or I could just wear a Halloween-themed shirt like this one:

Which do you like best?


  1. haha awww they are all cute! i think i like the bun in the oven one best though :)

    i am 37 weeks and SUPER impressed you are even willing to dress up. i'm going to go as "the lazy preggers lady who is always in a robe"! haha

  2. HAHAHA! The bun in the oven FOR SURE! Absolutely adorable! This makes me want to be preggers on Halloween!