Tuesday, September 18, 2012

moving problems and fall wardrobe

there are a few drawbacks to our impending move

1) i don't want to decorate our house for fall since it would be mean pulling all the decorations down from the attic, then putting them right back into their boxes to move

2) I really need to switch out my summer/fall wardrobes but once again, I don't feel like pulling down all the bins of fall clothes and such only to have to pull their bins back out and put them BACK in them when we move.

...and on that note we transition to another topic: how excited I am about fall fashion (both new trends & old favorites)

I was a little weary of the trend, but then I saw the beautiful Katie at Keep Calm & Carry On rocking them in two posts and homegirl makes 'em look good. 

I'm not sure how well loafers are going to work with my size 8.5/9 feet, but I want to try them. I really want a pink studded pair (hint, hint Husband or family if you're reading this) and Urbanog has some for a great price. 


Pink Loafer

I (like just about everyone else) also love the denim shirt.  By now you've probably already seen it on a million blogs and all over Pinterest, but I can't wait to wear one with a scar, skinnies & boots!

Chambray and Scarf

I am also glad that plaid/gingham is still in. I adore a plaid shirt under a cardigan or blazer, or even just by itself.

Kick Around

Just realized that I have black skinnies in all my sets, obviously I am excited about those too, especially the cheaper "Diva" ones from Old Navy (so cute without breaking the bank)
$27.50 at Old Navy

And as always, scarves. I have such a love affair with them.

What trends are you dying for? Anything I forgot?


  1. This just got me real excited for fall!
    I'm excited about getting to wear my blazers and I'll be investing in some over the knee boots! ;)

  2. I am excited for fall. Though I am amazed flannel plaid shirts so poplar again.

  3. Love love looove everything!! I'm so excited for fall!