Thursday, September 13, 2012

it's (sort of) official

Well, our house is kinda, sorta officially sold. The great folks who are about to claim our home signed the Offer to Purchase papers last night, so that means have to get our booties in gear on getting ourselves a place.

Here are the main components that are absolute necessities in my book.

and you know, less than $170k....

even if it is small and just in front of the front door

love to cook but don't like to be separated from everyone while I am doing it!

for the Sookie monster and Sawyer

....and if it came with a built-in maid service that would be great too!

What characteristics make your ideal home?


  1. Congrats!! That is so exciting..I know you can't wait to start decorating! ;)

    And all of those are MUSTS for me as well. I love our front porch and would never be able to live in a house without one!

    Good luck in your search!!

  2. eeeek so exciting! we just bought our first home in April :-) biggest thing was TALL ceilings! We wanted a two story with two story rooms so it would let in a lot of natural light and I love it

  3. Mine will be a bigger kitchen and a garage. The two things I realize I really want and need in my next one.