Friday, November 13, 2015

Brody Bean is One

A year ago today, Brody Scott Edmondson made his debut.

His first year of life has been nothing like Sawyer's was. He's been through a move, a long string of babysitters, and a lot less time with our family's but he has been so chill and happy through it all.

He is so adventurous and loves to climb and balance on things (and give me small heart attacks).  His current favorite balance beam is the laundry basket.

Brody has thankfully been a much easier baby than Sawyer. He has been free of any medical scares so far, enjoys being left alone to play, and started walking at 10 months (much to his brother's dismay).

Sawyer is slowly getting used to not being the only kid. He gets frustrated easily when Brody tries to play with his toys or "messes up" the iPad, but he's getting there.

Brody loves the beach and the sand, he's stay outside and crawl around in it forever if we'd let him. He also loves pushing things in front of him while he walks or pulling things behind him. The stairs also provide hours of entertainment for him, as do books.

At first, I thought Brody was going to look like me but he keeps looking more and more like Josh, just like Sawyer did. He has almost white blonde hair and blue eyes, which makes my Papa (who had similar coloring when he was little) so happy.

We have his birthday party this Sunday (at home), and we can't wait to celebrate our happy, easy-going Brody Bean.

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