Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Oh man, I failed again. Remember how I posted almost a month ago that now that I am staying home with Brody I will have more time to blog again? LOL, JK. I was delusional.

Let me just tell y'all, having an active almost-two-year-old that all of a sudden can't get up and down and walk anymore is an adventure. It is like reverting to newborn days (minus the pumping, feeding every two hours, spit-up and naps). He is needier and whinier (and also cuddlier though).

Brody Bean got his cast off Tuesday, Oct. 4 but because both his knee and ankle were bent for so long in the cast, he is having a hard time adjusting to walking again. He refuses to put his leg down or even attempt to bear weight, but we are hoping his little tendons and ligaments and all that jazz are ready to be on the move again soon.

happy boy after having his cast off
Don't let that happy face fool you though, some days have gone like this:
flinging a fit because I wouldn't let him eat the laptop charger. Check out that pout. 
His leg has really thrown a wrench in our plans since we have been kind of confined to the house with him not being able to enjoy being outside or going to the park. We have taken an almost daily long walk to get out some though.

Brody has also enjoyed his new found love, coloring. With him being unable to sit comfortably in a chair and reach a coloring surface, we have had to lay on the floor and color. Usually, I'd be completely against this because by no means can he keep a crayon or marker on the piece of paper (and off the carpet). But Crayola has this amazing product called ColorWonder where the special ColorWonder markers or paint only write on the special ColorWonder paper. So, we can lie on the floor and he can go to town coloring without tearing our carpet all to pieces (and making us lose our hefty security deposit).

I snapped a pic of him coloring back when his leg was freshly fractured and shot Crayola an email just thanking them for their awesome invention. They sent back the sweetest email wishing Brody a swift recovery and then also mailed us some great coupons and free ColorWonder merchandise! Talk about customer service (side note, this is not a sponsored post haha). 

Throughout the day we've done a pretty good job about keeping a schedule of dropping off Sawyer at school, eating breakfast and then watching Mickey and playing while I work on invitation samples (or design jobs) until around 10:30a then going on a long walk before lunch followed by a nap (while I do some house stuff) then going to pick Sawyer up.

Everything has gone well aside from me actually being able to work on invitations. Most days, Brody is crawling all over my laptop wanting to play. But, I have gotten a good bit done and I am pretty proud of some of the samples I've created.

So, that's life right now. I have about 800 blog posts in draft mode waiting for me to finish, edit and organize. I am not making any promises about when they'll be posted though, because I don't like to set myself up for failure ;).

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