Monday, September 14, 2009

All I have to say is that Kanye West is dead to me. Have some class.
Which leads me to another topic. Someone should seriously offer classy classes. For example:

1) The classy thing to do when you know someone is talking about you across the room, or if someone you don't like is at the same party/function you are attending is to smile in their direction and kill them with kindness and smile while insulting them in a way they don't even realize you're insulting them. The class-less thing to do is shoot them nasty looks while loudly talking about them so they can hear you, pour your drink on their head, push them, or threaten to hurt them in some way. While I realize the latter seems much more appealing, you will be stooping to their level and look just as trashy as them if you act low-class. (sometimes i find myself not following this rule to well either, but hey, I try.)

SEVERAL people around home should learn some class. While I am ashamed to admit that I lacked a lot of class in high school, I would say that with age SHOULD come class. When you graduate college and enter the real world, you should at least TRY to have some class (you should also try to support yourself and get off mama & daddy's dollar, but I won't even get on that one).

Have a happy Monday.

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