Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Now offering sizes 00-4

Seriously. I was just flipping through the latest Saks 5th Avenue catalogue (dreaming about being able to afford $45,000 watches and $6000 LV luggage) when I stumbled upon a beautiful skirt. This skirt was perfect. I have been looking for a mid-ride, heavy cotton/linen, skirt with a wide waist band, pockets, and loose, but not flowy, and here it was in the Saks catalogue, and only $78 (in comparrison to the one on the opposite page that was $348). Immediately I got onto Saks' website to order the skirt in my size, only to discover that it was only offered in sizes 00-4. This is a problem. I am not ashamed to say that I curvy. I have big hips, a big butt, broad sholders, and legs for days. I would probably need an 8 or 10 in that skirt, so why wouldn't they make it in that size? I called Hope and she said, "It's like they are saying if you are bigger than a 4 you shouldn't be wearing this article of clothing." I agree. That's ridiculous why is it up to Saks to say that I shouldn't be able to wear that skirt? I want that skirt, therefore I should be able to buy it. This isn't the first time I have been dissapointed by sizes and how people as a whole view them.
At a very nice clothing boutique in Greenville (located in Arlington Village and it's wasn't my fav. store Monkees), I was once ALMOST referred to as "plus size". I was looking at a beautiful Shoshanna sheath when a little minion of a sales girl came up to me and said, "That would look so nice on you, Shoshanna specializes in making clothes for...." then her thin little lips let out a "pl" sound. I gave her the look of death and she changed it really quick to say "curvy". While I do admit that Shoshanna dresses fit me a lot better than others by Tibi or Milly, I am not "plus sized".
And if I were so what? We seriously need to change our ideas about how we view body types and sizes in this country.

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