Thursday, August 27, 2009


I am a little angry.I woke up (uncomfortably in the recliner next to the bed since my leg is still encased in this ginormous brace and I STILL have to lay on back, which hurts my back bc my giant butt makes a giant dip in my back while I sleep) and turned on the tv only to see that VH1 was doing a "Voluptuous Vixen" countdown. My first thought was "YaY!! Let's get some recognition for not being anorexic sticks shaped like 12 year-old boys." But then I saw the women on the countdown. There were some wonderful choices such as Scarlet Johanson, Salma Hayek, an indian star whose name I can't remember, and of course Kim Kardashian, but then they pulled out freakin' Adrienna Lima and some model named Latisha something, and Carmen Electram Those woman are NOT "voluptuous" they are just big-breasted! Voluptuous wimming are curvy, they have hips to hold on to, broader shoulders & rib cages, and butts that you can actually grab. Hollywood disgusts me. Thank you VH1 for recognizing a few good women who embrace their TRUE curves, but you really dissapointed me with a few of your choices. Seriously, Adrienna Lima??

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