Friday, November 20, 2009

Appalled. Absolutely Appalled.

Yesterday, I had to ride to the Greene County Board of Education to pick up the budget they had approved at their board meeting on Tuesday so I could complete an article I was writing. As I was leaving Snow Hill I decided to stop by the cemetery to see my Papa Donald and my Uncle Ronald's graves (I haven't been to see Papa's in awhile and I had yet to see Uncle Ronald's headstone which I was told is beautiful).
As I pulled into the cemetery, I noticed a bunch of workers were out there clearing the sidewalks and paths from where water had washed down dirt and loose grass during the horrible rain we've been having, but thought nothing of it.
I climbed out my car, smiled and said hello to one of the workers and started walking down the endless path to the Murphy plot of graves. I got there, plucked a few overgrown grass blades from around my grandfather's grave and as I bent over heard SEVERAL of the workers whistle and make nasty remarks.
How disrespectful can you get?
I was OBVIOUSLY there to visit someone since they saw me messing with a tombstone. Why would that make them think that their whistling at me would accomplish anything? If ANYTHING, it made me think even less of them.
I ignored their remarks and walked over to Uncle Ronald's tombstone (which is HUGE and beautiful with a sketch of a big semi on the bottom and a partner stone with Aunt Nancy's name on it and a ribbon that says "happily married 50 years" between the two names).
After learning my lesson last time, I squatted by the stone (which was KILLLER to my knee) instead of bending. I prayed and had a quiet moment then walked toward my car.
I reached my car and one of the men approached me and asked me who I was there to see. I was nice (like a good Southern girl, what I really wanted to do was cuss him out and slam his head into the Rodeo's hood) and said, "Family" before climbing into my car and driving away.
What is wrong with people? Now, I am not one to hate compliments and every woman feels nice when men look at her in an appreciating way, but AT A CEMETERY!?!? Seriously, what is the world coming to?

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