Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I've really got to do better about updating this.

I was told today, for the 240,293,842nd time, that I am "just too young" to be married. Like always I just gave the lady a smile and a weird giggle when I really wanted to slam my camera and notebook down (i was interviewing her for the paper) and pull out all the bills in my pocket book, show her my business cards, tell her about how long Josh & I have been together, and remind her that I am 5'9 and am not afraid to hit an old lady.
When are you ever "old enough" to be married? I have a college degree, a full-time big girl job, a home (well I have a mortgage, the bank technically has a home), bills to pay, and I am completely in love with Joshua Michael Edmondson. Who is to say I can't be married?
I do agree that NO ONE should be married before they can provide for themselves, are no longer on Mommy and Daddy's dollar, and are responsible enough to handle bills and a husband, but age doesn't determine that.
Dana Webb Walter's mema, Mrs. Hilda Webb was married when she was 14 if I'm not mistaken and she certainly did a good job making a household with Mr. Henry Ralph and raising Mr. Ralph Dawn didn't she!? (if you don't know Mrs. Hilda, trust me she did). Back in the day people got married young because they grew up faster and knew how to work and provide and cook and clean and all those fun things that go along with being a married person.
I very heavily FROWN upon those who get married then don't work and let their parents pay their bills, house them, clean their laundry and dishes, and provide them with everything they need. I understand in some circumstances, such as the loss of a job or sudden sickness and unexpected big bills, that parents help their children out. But this should NOT be an everyday thing.
While Josh and I were on our honeymoon, we saw a honeymooning couple that weren't old enough to drink. THAT seems pretty young to get married, but I would never have the audacity to tell them so.
In conclusion, if you want to see me pull off my Jack Roger sandal and hit you in the face with the little wooden sole, tell me just how young I am to be married.

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