Monday, November 30, 2009

Chivalry is seriously dead.

Once upon a time, men held open doors for women, they gave up their seats, and even allowed them to cut in front of them in line in the grocery store if they had less items than them. Now, chivalry is dead.
When I was a junior at ECU, I rode the "Park & Ride" shuttle, which should have been named "Park & Wait to Be Late" since shuttles tend to disappoint often.
One day I boarded the bus and saw that it was completely full from a previous stop the bus had already made. I was holding my bookbag on my back, a pot of Arroz Con Leche (we made food for Dias de Los Muertos in Spanish 4), and a paper bag full of plastic bowls, spoons, & napkins, so I obviously needed to sit down.
One boy started to be a gentleman and give up his seat but when he looked at the engagement ring on my left hand he immediately sat BACK DOWN! I can only assume that he decided that since there was no chance in him hooking up with me that I didn't deserve his seat.
I gave him a look that I once saw Mema Kay gave Papa (in other words, it was a very, very mean one) and leaned up against the filthy wall of the bus to try and balance all my items without spilling the rice or falling on my face.
When the bus made its stop at Brewster building and I started to climb off, boys bombarded the bus before the passengers could exit. THIS IS NOT NICE. Bus etiquette (as written by me) says that those already on the bus should be allowed to climb off before new passengers can board.
Boys, do your mama's proud and start acting like the little gentlemen they (hopefully) raised you to be.

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