Thursday, January 7, 2010

i titled this blog inaccurately

I just realized that I my have mis-titled this blog. "On a lighter note" would imply that I write light, funny and carefree things when really I tend to use this blog to vent, rant, & moan. So new rule, I am going to try and be more positive..... after this last little rant.
I am still on the job hunt and I am getting a little fed-up with ECU and their inability to send me my transcripts ONLINE. Which I requested on December 21st. I know they are on break, but shouldn't they have left somebody in the dag-on office during winter break so that they could handle requests. Therefore, my resumes and applications are just hanging out in their giant manilla envelopes (suggestion: always send things you want people to really look at in big envelopes, because they are usually the first thing they open, not the boring little white ones) waiting for my transcripts to join the party.

I thought maybe I'd give out a few secrets to searching for jobs (even though I am apparently not to successful at it)
Here are some great sites to visit for PR, Editorial, and Marketing jobs in the Publications field: you do have to join this site, but it's free and they don't send out useless emails or anything Time Warner owns HBO, Time, inc., Southern Living, Warner Brothers, and several other big names, jobs at CNN are also posted here (just click on the "Search Jobs" link on the site) Meredith Corporation owns Better Homes & Gardens, Parents, Fitness, Family Circle, Traditional Home, and several other magazines (click on hte Employement Listings link on the site) Hearst Corporation owns magazines such as Cosmo, Country Living, Popular Mechanics, O, Harper's Bazaar, Redbook, Seventeen, Esquire, House Beautiful, Marie Claire, Veranda, and the list goes on and on and on...

Happy hunting darlings!

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