Monday, June 23, 2014

money worries

I am a natural worry wart.

Since I enjoy being in control of a situation and I am more than a little OCD about organization and making plans, when I can’t predict the outcome of a situation or when there’s no way to plan for what’s ahead, I PANIC.

My biggest worry lately is how we are going to pay for this 18 week nugget that I’m currently cooking.

While Josh and I both have jobs we enjoy, our salaries are just enough to pay our bills, allow for the occasional restaurant meal, and have about $10 left over at the end of the month.

Lately, things have been stretched a little thin with a few surprise expenses, a recent vacation with my family and a new payment plan at my OB (our hospital requires that baby E’s delivery be paid for before he is born).

With the thought of another daycare payment around next January (btw, we still have no idea where homie is going to stay when I go back to work), Sawyer’s upcoming monthly preschool cost coming in August and the endless amount of diapers to be purchased soon is giving me more than a little anxiety.

So, while we have already set a “save more money” plan in motion, I have also decided it’s time to let go of some designer clothes and my treasured Lilly Pulitzer comforter set from our guest bedroom (since it now has no bed to go on with that room becoming the nursery).

Stay tuned for a big blog sale featuring said comforter, some Lilly dresses, and some of my favorite designer jeans featuring brands such as 7FAM, Hudson & Joe's. 

With all that said, I am also thankful that my dad (also my Sunday school teacher) just started a new lesson series with DavidJeremiah’s, “Christians Have Stress Too” study plan. While the book does indeed cover how we as Christians can be stressed just like anyone else, it also talks about how we should rely on the “peace of God, which transcends all understanding” (Philippians 4:7). You should totally check it out.


  1. I hear you :( We've had to be SO frugal in order to try and see what it's like to live off one income. The good news is that I've found that by curbing shopping, if I don't impulse buy, I'll wait and in about a week, I'm over it. Hopefully the blog sale will help put some change back in your pocket!

  2. That study sounds amazing.

  3. I know this is unrelated to your post (I hear you on the money worries)--but you are the cutest pregnant lady ever. Seriously. You are just so dang adorable.