Monday, June 9, 2014


We started our week back from Hilton Head (expect a large picture dump/post from the trip tomorrow) with an early morning doctor's appointment to not only have some general labs done but to also find out the gender of baby Edmo #2!

We aren't having a gender reveal party or anything special to let the world know what we're having so I am happy to announce that come Nov. 20 (-ish) we will be adding another boy to the Edmondson family!

Looks like me and Sookie will be the only ladies in our family, and I am excited that all the precious bubble suits, smoked jon jon's and longalls will be able to used again for our second little boy!

I kind of had a feeling that we'd be blessed with another little man, so I can't wait to use some of the ideas I've been pinning for his nursery!

Now if only we could decide on a name....