Thursday, January 22, 2015

he's got it under control

This past weekend, my darling Mema had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital because her heart was out of rhythm. This isn't unusual for Mema, her heart hasn't been too great at keeping a normal beat since her chemo treatments for lymphoma in 2009.

Mema and Sawyer reading (she is the only person he will sit still with long enough for this to happen)
But this time was a little different.

Instead of her usual cardioversion procedure that she's had a few times before to regular her heart rate, her cardiologist chose to do an ablation where they actually use "radiofrequency energy" (kind of like microwave heat) to destroy a small area of her heart that is causing the irregularity in her rhythm. They were hoping this would result in a more long-term fix for her versus having to have so many cardioversions.

Everything went as expected and she came through the procedure fine with her heart bopping to the right beat. But then I got a scary, scary phone call around 9pm last night.

Mema took a turn for the worst and her heart rate had plummeted to the point that nurses and doctors were having a hard time even getting a blood pressure reading on her. She was rushed to the CICU and was in critical condition until they finally got a central line put in and the right medicine dosage to return her heart back to a better rate.

The scariest part about this? She could have been home when all of this happened and therefore might not be with us today.

You see, Mema was supposed to come home from the hospital yesterday since she was doing so well. We all got a little angry when they waited to late to order her an oxygen machine so she didn't have one in time to be discharged and had to stay another night.

But the Lord knew what he was doing. Here we were so mad that she had to spend another night in the hospital and she ended up being right where she was supposed to be.

If she had been discharged and was sitting at home when this happened, even though my mom was was going to be spending the night with her, there is a very, very small chance she would have made it to the hospital and an even smaller chance that she would have lived.

God works in mysterious ways and I am so grateful that he is in control.


  1. I'll be praying for your family!!! God is amazing :)

  2. That is scary! i am so glad that tank didn't come through.