Friday, January 9, 2015

netflix addictions

While I was out on maternity leave and recovering from surgery, I watched a lot of Netflix because the TV was always on while I fed Brody, wrapped presents, pumped, or really did anything. Because of this, I became addicted to three new shows: Once Upon a Time, Walking Dead, and Sons of Anarchy.

Once Upon a Time was a show I really didn't think I would like. In the beginning, a lot storybook characters are real and trapped in a small town in Maine and don't know who they really are. While the costumes & special effects are a little cheesy, the character development and the plot are both amazing! Not to mention I fell in love with the cuteness of Snow White & Prince Charming's relationship (which is made even cuter by the fact that they're married in real life). I also fell in love with Captain Hook, it must be the whole Pirate thing.

aren't they precious?
I mean....

Now how did I go from a show about princesses, dwarfs, and magic to The Walking Dead? My sister, my friend Jackie & my coworker Vicki have constantly told me how amazing the show is and I was all "zombies? no thanks". I was so wrong. I literally watched all four seasons on Netflix in a week then caught up on season 5 in two days. The writing is truly amazing and while it can get a little gory, the whole "these dead people are coming back to life and eating people" thing isn't really the main focus, it's how these characters interact and survive.

But my most delicious new addiction? Sons of Anarchy. It makes me want to get rid of my Lilly Pulitzer and Jack Rogers in favor of rhinestone-d crosses, leather, and boots. It also makes me salivate over these two men (Opie & Jax), even though usually my tastes are more centered around southern gentlemen kind of guys in collared shirts, boat shoes, and tasteful athletic gear not scruffy bikers in baggy jeans, tank tops and leather vests that chain smoke.

Opie (yes, that is indeed the QB from Remember the Titans, but bearded and tattooed) and Jax, yum.
The show actually just had its final season, but I have been tearing up Netflix watching it after Josh goes to bed and I'm still up with Brody or while I am folding clothes & Sawyer's getting a bath (not to mention while I am eating lunch at work) and I am currently on season 4. The show is just the right amount of "these are bad guys, but they're also good guys" with some majorly hot scenes and some great comedic breaks too.  And again, just look at Charlie Hunnam (who was originally chosen to play Christian Grey in 50 Shades but had to back out bc of scheduling issues).


What's your favorite Netflix movie/show?

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  1. Oh man I tried several times to get on board with Sons of Anarchy and just could not do it. I do occasionally enjoy the walking dead but we are so far behind that catching up seems impossible. Thanks to Netflix, I guess I could spend a few years catching up and hopefully it would still be there! One show I just can't re-watch is Gilmore Girls. Maybe it is just too soon (a whole 10 years..) or maybe because I know how it ends. I just can't stand to see Rory go through all of that drama again! I will watch the early shows when she was in high school if they are on TV but not the college years. Okay over sharing now. Glad to hear your little family is doing well!! Hope you have a great weekend.