Thursday, January 8, 2015


Coming back to work after a baby is usually pretty difficult. This time was no exception, not because I was worried about Brody because I know he is safe and sound with our friend Dawn who is keeping him, but because I left for maternity leave during a major time of transition for my College with our long-time dean retiring and a new interim dean stepping in to cover for him.

Dawn sent me this pic Tuesday and I just about died. I just want to *boop* his little nose.

I came back to work and the office atmosphere had shifted, we are in this weird limbo of wanting to get things done but also wanting to wait until a new dean comes in to run the show. I also had close to 1.8 million emails to tackle (even though I tried to stay on top of the important ones while I was gone). Thankfully, a lot of the faculty haven't come back from winter break yet, so at least my inbox hasn't been constantly pinging with new emails requesting website changes they've been saving until I got back.

On top of that, getting used to having two kids has been quite the adjustment. Sawyer seems to only need something when I am either feeding Brody or pumping (or as Josh calls it "tapping the kegs"). He has handled being a big brother fairly well, helping me when I need him to grab something for me or trying to calm Brody if they're in the backseat together while I am driving, but he has also been clingier.

Side note, something is wrong with my taste buds. I was so excited to eat my favorite Mexican food I couldn't eat the whole time I was pregnant because of my horrible reflux,  but then when I got a bite it tasted horrible. I don't mean like "oh, this isn't too bad but I am disappointed because I have been looking forward to it so much", I mean like I had to give it to Josh because I couldn't stomach more than 2 bites. I also can't drink the coffee at work anymore. I used to have at least one and a half cups a day, but all of a sudden it tastes HORRIBLE (and no, this isn't just an excuse to increase my Starbucks pit stops in the mornings).  They haven't changed the kind of coffee or how they brew it, so apparently my taste buds are just out of whack.  Any other moms have this issue? With Sawyer I lost my taste for sweet tea which is HUGE considering it was the only thing I used to drink (besides Pepsi).

Another side note, I got those bangs I was talking about getting 3 months ago! I really like them, even though they add a few extra minutes to getting ready in the am and they make a pony tail look so much more polished (in my opinion).


  1. I LOVE the bangs! You made a great decision!

  2. Bah lots of adjustments! I hope the new dean comes soon! We didn't have our HR VP for about 8 months and it was tough but trying to get things done and needing their direction. Love love the bangs!!!