Thursday, October 9, 2014

soccer stud

Josh and I both played soccer in high school. Josh was a goalie and I was a mid-fielder and we both loved it. While Josh enjoyed it because his team won and he liked the sport in general, I adored it because not only did I love the sport but I also loved my amazing back of the bus crew.

So, when Sawyer got old enough to play on the town's rec soccer league, we were so excited to sign him up. Then Josh got roped into also coaching a team in the league... the team of brand new players ages 2-3 (which includes Sawyer).

Needless to say, their love for soccer, or sports in general, has not really developed yet.

I knew it was going to be an interesting season when Josh came home from practice one night and said he tried to run drills with these children but all they wanted to do was hang around their parents and sit on the ball or pick flowers. I kindly reminded him that they are indeed super young and that drills were probably out of the question. The best he can do is just teach them how to run and not fall and how to not touch the soccer ball with their hands. After all, the goals don't even have goalies in them during the games. 

Josh also said he had to yell "PUT DOWN THE DANDELION" at a child during practice. Awesome.

Sawyer had his first soccer game Tuesday night, which I sadly had to miss because of a Relay community meeting, but my dad got a many a picture and I heard from my whole family how unsuccessful the game was.

Sawyer not only didn't want to leave Josh's side, he also didn't want to play at all. He sat in the goal, he pouted on the side line, he wouldn't let go of his grandparent's. Twas lovely.

if soccer doesn't work, he could seriously make a career out of his awesome pout

over it.

Bless my child. We're hoping his attention span will improve with age and he'll eventually love competitive sports as much as me and Josh.

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  1. That age group is so fun to watch. My nephews have both played at those ages and it was fun to watch them get better through the season.