Monday, March 3, 2014

the crayon.

As you may have seen on my instagram & twitter, Sawyer is obviously trying to make sure he has at least one hospital visit a year (and has so far been successful in this quest). 

On Friday night, I picked up take-out, and Josh and I had extravagant plans to catch-up on all the shows that are overloading our DVR right now, typical Friday night in the Edmondson household.

We set Sawyer up with his food on his little table in his playroom and were going to let him watch his TV while we ate and watched ours. About halfway through “Vikings” we heard a crash and a cry.

We went running into the playroom and Sawyer was standing up, screaming, “There’s a crayon in my nose.”

the culprit (it was in a fire-truck themed pack of crayons, hence the weird name)
At first, we didn't believe him. We couldn't see a crayon anywhere and we keep all the crayons in a bowl on the mantle so he can’t get to them without our help. But, after wrestling with him for a good 15 minutes we got him to lay still enough for us to see a yellow crayon wayyy up in his nostril. He has apparently put a crayon in his nose then fell, jamming it up further and breaking it off in his nose.

So, we grabbed our stuff and went out the door to the emergency room. We got in fairly quickly to a room only to have 3 nurses try to hold Sawyer down while a doctor continuously tried to free the crayon. They tried to suction it out, force air through his mouth to make him breath hard out of his nose and then tried going up his nose with a special tool to pull it out, with no luck.

Sawyer screamed, “Mommy, daddy help me pllleeasasee!” as he was held down and underwent all the attempts to remove the crayon. He sneezed blood, cried, had snot EVERYWHERE and still no crayon.  It broke our hearts and I shed my fair share of tears as well.

The doctor said, “I’m sorry guys, he’s going to have to go to an ENT. The crayon is too sharp and wedged too well so high in his nasal cavity.”

So, we went home, went to sleep (fairly easily considering he had a foreign body in his nose) and set our alarms to meet an ENT at his office on Saturday morning.

Once we got to the ENT, he immediately knew Sawyer was going to have to be admitted to the hospital and put under anesthesia to try to remove the crayon. In a whirlwind of activity, we got admitted and barely got settled in our room before he was being called down to pre-op. Sawyer was terrified. He asked every person that touched him, “Are you going to hurt me?!”

The surgeon came and explained that he would be putting a breathing tube down Sawyer’s throat since they would be overwhelming his nose with tools to extract the crayon and that the “surgery” shouldn't take any longer than 20 minutes. We only waited in the surgical waiting room for about 15 minutes before we got a page saying Sawyer was already out and crying for his daddy (of course).

He woke up like a crazy person from his anesthesia (which is what he has done when he had his tubes out both times and his adenoids) but his only complaint was a sore throat from the breathing tube.

Apparently, the crayon was half an inch long and jammed super far in his cavity. Who knew something so small could be so dangerous?

We finally got discharged from the hospital around 3pm and he was already back to his usual self. We celebrated the removal of the crayon by flying kites and playing on the big hill at my Papa Dude’s house on Sunday!


  1. I still cannot believe this happened. I maintain what I said about how no book or life experience can prepare you for a freaking CRAYON in the nose. You're going to be my go-to when I have a kid running around, you realize that right? :)

  2. Yikes!!!! I'm glad he is okay now! That sounds so painful :( My older broth stuck a pea up his nose once and had to get it suctioned out!

  3. Oh my, that boy is tough! My heart breaks that he had to go through all that and then ended up in surgery. I hope that is the last ER trip of the year for yall!

  4. So glad he is OK! I showed your instagram to my sister and told her to start prepping. Her little man is 2.5 and I can already see the hospital trips coming!

  5. Oh my! I would be freaked out! I guess I am lucky that I've never had to make a midnight run to the er!