Friday, February 28, 2014

things sports fan say

Can I begin this post by saying that every single fan base has its pocket of horrible fans. You can roll up to Bryant–Denny, Carter-Finely, Dowdy-Ficklen, Kenan or Neyland stadiums and you're going to find all kinds of different people. There will be those passionate fans who know way too many stats and historical figures, you'll find the ones just there for the pre-game party, the fans who are just d-bags in general about everything, and all kinds of people. In the words of my girl Miranda Lambert, "it takes all kinds of kinds". 

While I am in the zone of explaining some fan issues, here's another one... I see all the time when people post about "I wear this college t-shirt because I went there, you wear it because you went to Wal-mart". People, seriously? First of all, a fan is a fan is a fan, I don't care if you attended the university, grew up screaming with your parents at the TV during a game or if you just decided, "hey, I like that mascot". Cheer on whoever you want (but I'd rather it be the Pirates of course).

With all that being said, here are some things you're likely to hear walking through our tailgate lot, being around a sports fan or sitting in a bar on game day...

"A 12pm game!?! But that gives us no time to tailgate!"

"I met insert player name here once in class and he is seriously the best guy ever." 

"Don't let me go to the student store again, I just spent $170 in there last week."

"I think we need to slow down, kick off is in 3 hours and we've already played 18 rounds of flip-cup."

"A NIGHT GAME!?!?!?! Thank you Jesus!!!"

"Is this purple shirt really purple or is too blue?"

"Let's take a picture!"

"Is this gold dress really gold or is too yellow?"

"Man, I wish I was still a student!"

"Where's my cup!?! I wrote my name on it!"

"Woah, did you see that girl's dress? How is she tailgating in that, isn't she worried about stuff falling out?!"


"Who's been drinking out of my cooler?!"

"Put that picture on insta and tag me so I have it too!"

"Is there any room in your section? Nobody will stand up in ours?!"
(sent in a text, because the stadium is WAY too loud for phone calls)

Then there's the go-to "slam" that people use against other teams. Or the go-to crutches people lean on if they lose...

"I wonder how much they paid those refs?!"

Regarding rivalries, If they lose:
"Who cares it's not like that team is our rival."

Regarding rivalries, If they win:

My favorite things people say about ECU:

"Ha, I'm surprised their players even made it here, they're probably still drunk from last night."

"Can they even find the stadium? You know the average IQ of a Pirate is less than 4".

"ECU, more like EZU". 

"They're not even in the ACC".

"I've heard that having an STD is like a requirement to be a girl on campus. Sluts."

Despite crazy fans, mean stereotypes and losses, college football is one of my favorite things of all time. I have said it over and over again (here), but I am so proud to be part of such an amazing family of fans and to call myself a Pirate. 

What do you hear around football season?!

Only 6 months until kick-off!


  1. You just made me miss college so much. Well, other college's sports teams. Simmons had nothing worth rooting for so we just default to the Sox.

    Let's ditch work and go play flip cup.

  2. "Is this purple shirt really purple or is too blue?" - LOVE this one!! It was the topic of every conversation leading up to football season at LSU. Because you know, by August 1st you have to have an outfit ready for each game.

  3. Haha all of the above. Robbie gave me the official countdown yesterday but I can't pirate fans ;)

  4. I cannot wait until kick off. Six months is to long to wait to enter Vaught Hemmingway again.