Thursday, February 20, 2014

what blogging has taught me

I have been blogging for a little over five years, but really only consistently for about three. In that short amount of time I've learned a lot of things.

1. My skin isn't as tough as I thought it was
I have always prided myself on not caring what people thought of me.... until an anonymous person behind a keyboard made a not even that mean comment that rubbed me the wrong way.
It made me so mad that I even dedicated an entire post to a response to it (here).

2. Hobby Lobby is a magical place where dreams come true
Forget Disney World, helllooo Hobby Lobby. I had never even heard of the place until I started reading other blogs and then, just in time we got one only 20 minutes from my house. And it is glorious.

3. I can make ANYTHING
Granted, Pinterest also brought about this revelation, but reading other DIY blogs and seeing the success stories of other projects from bloggers made me realize, "hey, I can make that myself." Check out my DIY tag on the side bar to see all the crap I've made!

Purple Polka Dotted Lamp - Tissue Paper Garland - Ruffle Trees
Glitter Dipped Jars & Candles - Diaper Wreath
Wreath with Moss Initial - Silhouette Art - Monogramed Pocket Tee

4. I am not alone.
My favorite part of blogging is that I realized other people are going through some of the same struggles that I go through. I love seeing comments of people relating to an issue or reading posts with solutions that I have never thought of.

5. That you can have great friends that you've never "met" IRL
My soul sister, Brit at First Comes Love is a prime example of this. I love our emails and even though I've never even been within a 500 mile radius of her, I know we'd be besties IRL if I ever moved to MA or she came on down to NC. Then I was lucky enough to actually meet Marianna at Delightfully Dunn and proved this theory correct, blog friends can be real life friends.

check out these hotties

What have you learned from blogging?


  1. AHHH thanks for the shoutout! I love this post. It's so true about anonymous comments. They might seem benign but you're like...damn. And someday you and I are going to meet, it's just necessary.

  2. I love the friendships I've been able to gain through blogging! It's funny how you can find someone through cyberspace and you just know IRL you would be best friends!!

  3. All of these... we need to meet. seriously. I think most of all, blogging has taught me a lot of things about myself... some good, some bad, but I've discovered things about myself that I might not have known were it not for 10ish years of blogging in some fashion.

  4. Great ideas, Lauren! Blogging won’t just promote your business or services, it can also allow you to meet new friends with the same interests. It’s more inspiring to write a post and update your blog when you know your friends are waiting for your recent updates and new products! Well, I hope you’ll continue to blog for the sake of your avid followers. :)

    Gwendolyn Carlson

  5. I love all of these. I have so enjoyed meeting new friends I would have never done without the world of blogging. Even if I have been a bad blogger in recent months.

  6. I feel a little sorry for the anonymous person. I agree that she shouldn't have hid behind anonymity, but I don't know that she meant anything mean by it, not really. But I don't know why she didn't use her real name.... Maybe I'm being too forgiving!

  7. Meeting fellow bloggers and becoming friends with them is the best experience if you have a great blog. Your posts and topics can definitely determine how many visitors can be your friends in the future. It’s advisable to write contents that won’t just promote your product, but build harmonious relationships as well. Thanks for sharing, Lauren! I hope other bloggers also learn something from you. :)

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