Tuesday, February 11, 2014

a Paw Patrol "paw-ty"

Sawyer decided he wanted a Paw Patrol birthday party this year. In case you are lucky enough that your life doesn't revolve around Nick Jr., Paw Patrol is a brand new tv show featuring a set of dogs and their owner who go on missions and stuff. With it being so new, there are NO existing party supplies for Paw Patrol. 

So, I had to wing it.

Note: I've received a lot of emails asking where these invitations can be purchased or found online. I made these myself using graphics from the Nick Jr. site. 

Thankfully, Nick Jr. has a great printables section on their website that I used a lot for decorations.

Banner from Nick Jr. (via)
Treat Bag toppers from Nick Jr. (via)
Popcorn Containers from Nick Jr. (via)
For table decoration, I just printed out the badges from Nick Jr. (via) and then taped them to their corresponding "hat" (I found the yellow hat at the Dollar Tree and the blue & red at Michael's). Then I cut out a picture of each dog that went with the badge and staged them with their corresponding vehicle (which Sawyer already had).

We decided to just serve hotdogs & chips and then enjoyed some cake. I waited a little late to get a cake, so I just printed out a picture of Paw Patrol characters and had Wal-Mart do the "picture to cake" print. It turned out horrible. I added M&M's all around the picture to take up the empty white space and try to distract from the terrible quality of the edible picture.

Sawyer didn't seem to mind though...

My awesome friend Caroline owns a monogram & gift ship and does screen printing, so she made Sawyer's shirt for me!
showing off his tshirt
I used Nick Jr.'s "Pin the Badge on Marshall" game, which Sawyer totally cheated at.

We had a ton of toddlers (and infants) at our house, but everyone had a great time!

Sawyer's babysitter "BeeBee" (also our friend Chris' mom), came and brought some kiddos with her 
our friend Dana's son, Colton (see her baby shower here)

Our cousin Michelle's son, Wallace (see that baby shower here)
Sawyer's friend Brileigh

Our friend Hope's baby, Ella (see her baby shower here)

our friend Chris is a straight-up baby whisperer, kids adore him. (p.s. he's single ladiessss)
Also, Sawyer and his "girlfriend" Rorie (Chris' niece) kept going missing and we'd find them back in his bed... watch out world, Sawyer doesn't waste any time. 

I think the two pictures below sum up the success of the party:

Our play room at the end of the party:

My husband at the end of the party:
reward for best hotdog cook = a beer in hand


  1. WOW, this party was awesome! I can't believe there was so much stuff on the Nick website....good to know! I'm glad the party went well- looks like the husband earned that beer!

  2. You did such an awesome job with his party! (as usual! :) And seriously, I had no idea the Nick Jr. website had so many awesome printables!

  3. Happy birthday to sawyer!! Such a fun party thrown by a great mama!! :)

  4. Where did you get the invitation I can't find it anywhere on nick jr's website. Please help My son's birthday is only a couple of weeks away. Yes I know I'm last minute.

  5. my email address is shannonrbly@gmail.com

  6. I as well an't find the invites. Could you email me the link or the website you used? Or did you create it?? explorecreatelearn2014@gmail.com

  7. I would also love to hear how you made your invites. If you designed them yourself, would you be interested in making mine? i would pay :) stevinic3@msn.com. I would really appreciate the help! Party is on Sat May 24th.

  8. How much would you charge to do the complete party of everything shown? Daughter's birthday is July 15th. My email is Janell84@gmail.com if you are interested. Thank you

    1. Yes I would also like to know :) my email is meliposa@hotmail.com

  9. So I was just on Pinterest because Parker has begged for a Paw Patrol Party...and I was directed here... totally forgot Sawyer had Paw Patrol..

  10. So I was just on Pinterest because Parker has begged for a Paw Patrol Party...and I was directed here... totally forgot Sawyer had Paw Patrol..

  11. PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO YOU GOT THE COPYWRITE PERMISSION TO DO THE PRINTED IMAGE ON THE CAKE! no one will do it for me and my sons bday is this sunday!!!!!! im desperate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hello, I loved your decorations!! Can you please tell me what paper you used to print banner and other things?

  13. Looks like a great party thanks for the ideas & sharing. The last picture is too funny and looks well deserving!

  14. Help!! I can't seem to find the template for the pupcorn cups. Can someone email it to me please? Email is ntrevi02@yahoo.com.

  15. How did you get the dog cut outs to stand up on the table

  16. How did you get the dog cut outs to stand up on the table

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