Thursday, April 3, 2014

moments like that

I wrote a post the other week about regrets and those moments you wish you could change (or skip all together). This made me think also about the moments I would give anything to re-live, the same way over again.

My last high school soccer away game
I've talked before about my amazing "Back of the Bus" crew that I rolled with in high school but my very last away game as a senior is one for the books. We cried and sang "I Go Back" by Kenny Chesney on the ride home and talked about all the moments we'd had together. We sang "My Creech" (to the tune of "My Girl") to Coach Creech since it was our last moment with him too. We had lost miserably (again) but it hadn't mattered (as usual) and we had an amazing ride home celebrating our last time together on that bus and enjoying those fleeting days of high school that remained.
most of the B.o.B. crew except Hopey, who had graduated 

The day I got saved. 
I grew up in church and surrounded by a Christian family so I don't have an "exciting" testimony about love and loss and crawling back to God. Instead, I have a great moment of feeling that pull towards the alter at the age of 11 and that amazing feeling of peace and forgiveness that comes with accepting the Lord. Despite mistakes along the way as I got older, I will always remember who has my heart and when it happened.
When we beat UNC this year. 
Even though this is a fairly new memory and there are several other amazing games I've had the pleasure of attending to cheer on the Pirates, this year's game was truly unbelievable. I've never felt so proud to be a part of the Pirate Nation and to stand in that stadium after that win and to sing our fight song and Alma Mater with nothing but purple & gold left in the stadium was an honor I don't take for granted. 
being "directed" by the band director and our quarterback, Shane Carden

Our honeymoon
While repeating the wedding would be nice, that day was more hectic than fun and too hot to want to replay. Instead, I'd like to repeat that entire week in St. Lucia before "real life" began, before my knee surgery, and while that new-ness of being a married couple felt like the best feeling that could ever exist. 
I'd also love to repeat being that tan and thin again please. 
Our second night as parents
The first night in the hospital was pretty atrocious with me coming down off the magnesium and recovering from the whole adventure of being induced/giving birth a few weeks early, but the second was pretty awesome. Josh was an amazing helper and while I thought I couldn't love my husband any more than I already did, my love for him grew leaps and bounds when I saw him as a daddy. Sawyer was a hungry little ginger baby and kept me pretty busy to the point that Josh had to hand-feed me my potato skins I'd begged my in-laws to pick up from Logan's Roadhouse for me while I nursed our baby. It was a memory I'll never forget and while I don't desire to repeat those hospital stays, I wouldn't mind reliving those little moments that happened there. 

Do you have any moments you'd love to relive?

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