Monday, April 28, 2014

Tornadoes, Bunnies and Kate's New Digs

This weekend started with a tornado sighting as I drove home from work Friday afternoon. I, along with several other vehicles leaving ECU, came over the bridge on highway 43 and spotted a giant black cloud dropping down out of the sky. Almost simultaneously, we all put on our turn signals and whipped into the gas station hoping to avoid driving through the cloud. We all watched from our vehicles as the cloud started rotating and funneling, turning a lighter gray color. My car rocked, the wind blew and it sounded like a train as coming by it was so loud. Thankfully, it blew right on by, but sadly it damaged a lot of homes in neighboring towns. 

I finally made it home safely and we spent Friday evening eating dinner with my parents and playing with my sister's dwarf lop-eared bunny, Flopsy (that she got for Easter).

Sawyer "hugging" (aka smothering) poor Flopsy as his mema supervises

Saturday we headed to Cary for a house-warming party for our friend Kate. Her mom planned something super cool for the occasion. Our friend Samuel owns a landscaping business (Cardinal Wood, check it out), so Kate's mom Kathryn encouraged each of Kate's friends to pick a plant from Samuel's landscape plan to purchase for Kate in lieu of a gift, and we all came ready to plant our chosen flowers, bushes or trees (and by "we all", I basically mean the guys).

Kate & I
(blurry selfie on Josh's pitiful phone since mine was super dead)

Even Miss Ella did her part.

Ella resting with Josh after her "gardening"
We enjoyed a delicious taco bar and had a great time breaking in Kate's new house, which is too precious. She did all kinds of crafty things and painted a TON of furniture to make it her own. Not to mention she chose to turn the smallest bedroom into a "dressing room" which I adore.
the dressing room, I stole this pic from Kate's facebook, but the room now also has a rolling closet thing with clothes as well beside the tall, glass-front cabinet
Living Room (and LP's hiney)
kitchen (totally stole this pic from Kate's facebook)
office (seriously orange top, white legs, home girl painted everything)
precious (but blurry) gallery wall and table she painted with recovered stools
enjoying the backyard

We ended Saturday night with Josh falling through Kate's beach chair. 'Twas classic.


  1. OMG that tornado...#1 I don't live anywhere near where they happen. Yikes.

    Also, Kate's place is adorable!

  2. Her house is DARLING! And HOLY FREAKING COW I would have been LOSING my mind at the tornado. So glad you were okay!!! I had no idea one touched town so close!!

  3. Our friends were headed out of Greenville around that time and saw the funnel cloud too. I am glad most everyone was okay. You were in our neck of the woods Sunday. I love the idea of bringing plants to help out with landscaping. The house is adorable. Looks like yall had a fn weekend!

  4. What a cool idea for a house warming party.
    Glad you are safe. This time of year the weather gets so scary.

  5. I just missed that tornado... I left Greenville around 4:15ish and headed to Falkland. Crazy weather we're having lately.