Monday, June 28, 2010

04/09 - 04/10 Year of the Weddings #1

From April 09 to April 10 I had seven weddings to attend, four of which I was in and four of which I was rocking a knee brace.
I'm going to spend a few blogs to tell you about our adventures during the weddings of last/this year.

First came my cousin Rebecca, who was married April 25th. Her wedding was at a local church in the evening and her reception was a giant shin-dig with an open bar at the country club. There was a lot of dancing (they had both a DJ and a band) and happy times which was great considering the next week was filled with sad moments when Mema Kay passed away. I will always remember Rebecca's wedding as the beginning of the season and a day of sunshine before a storm.

Rebecca is just about 5 feet tall, but she stood out above everyone on her wedding day. Her big smile and bright blue eyes made her such a beautiful bride and the way her husband smiled at her made her seem twelve times as gorgeous as she already is. I got to see a lot of the Harrell side of the family I rarely get to see on Becca's big day and I saw my cousin Myrna dance in a way I've never seen someone over the age of 50 dance before.

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