Monday, June 21, 2010

Big Mark day

I am a daddy's girl.

photos by Melanie Mansfield at Portraiture by Melanie

My daddy, affectionately called Big Mark is one of my best friends.
He is stern, serious and always has on his "i'm a P.A." hat, but he has his funny moments and we share a love for sushi, Sci-Fi movies and being stubborn.
My family's biggest problems is always trying to find a suitable gift for Big Mark on father's day.
What do you buy a man who has been such a positive role model in so many ways?
Big Mark sold his sleep study company, Remlabs, to go back to school and get his B.S. THEN go back to med school, all while he worked 7PM to 7AM 3 nights a week at the hospital as a respiratory therapist.
He would sleep for a while in the mornings before waking up, studying then heading to class.
Despite his grogginess and sometimes crankiness, Big Mark still made sure he was at Webbs Chapel Baptist Church every Wednesday night and Sunday.
I couldn't have asked for a better man to set an example of how a real, Christian man should lead his life. He did everything he could for Dee and I and despite how much I hated him sometimes when I was a teenager for making me be home by 11 or not letting me go on trips I shouldn't have been on anyway, he is now my best friend.
Back to the present dilemma.
He has every Blu-Ray and DVD known to man and already has several gadgets, so this past Sunday we gave him a Power Mat.

This thing is so cool, you just lay your BlackBerry, iPod, Navigation system, and etc. on top of the mat and charge them without worrying about tangled cords.
Big Mark was pleased, and when Big Mark is happy, we all are :)

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