Thursday, June 24, 2010

black thumb

Gardening has never been my forte.
I love flowers and I love to design landscaping, but when I put a plant in the ground, pot, basket or anything, it dies. As if my hands are coated with plant killer.
Josh and I planted an expensive peony bush when we moved in, it never grew.
Papa gave me a geranium that he has kept alive for a few years without doing anything but leaving it out in the sun and letting the rain water it, it died the second day it was at my house.
So, I retired my black thumb and have Josh handle all the planting, and low and behold it worked.
Josh planted this pink hydrangea that his parents gave me when Mema Kay died and it is actually blooming! In my yard!

This is another hydrangea from Mema Kay's funeral that someone gave to my parents. It isn't quite as tall as my pink one, but the blooms are plentiful.

I like to think that maybe Mema is helping the flowers grow a little, and that their growth has nothing to do with Josh just being a better gardener than I am :)

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