Friday, June 4, 2010

Fashionable Friday: Packing for Hilton Head

I am a list maker.
And when it comes to packing, I usually have a list of outfits and things needed to be packed at least a week before the actual trip.
However, packing for Hilton Head usually requires several lists as well as a Tylenol and or two.
The problem with packing for a beach trip is that you need at least three outfits for each day.

1) An outfit for the beach (i.e. bathing suit, cover-up, beach bag & Rainbows)
Favorite bathing suit brand: Lilly Pulitzer for its bright colors and great fits

2) Outfit to be lazy in after the shower but before you get ready to go to dinner/out
Favorite brand for bum clothes: Soffe shorts if you grew up in N.C. I'm sure you have spent your share of days in these shorts with the waistband rolled down :) they are best accompanied by a soft cotton t-shirt (preferably in E.C.U. colors)

3) Outfit to wear to dinner/out, which varies by establishment. The main thing is to always have a sweater/shrug of some kind to wear over an outfit because restaurants at the beach are notoriously freezing.

Favorite brand/outfit for fairly casual outing: Joe's jeans, Jack Rogers sandals & plain tank top with a great necklace (I like to tear apart necklaces from different places taking charms from one and adding it to a different chain and what not)

Favorite brand/outfit for semi-dressy outing: J. Crew dress and Moon & Lola earrings with JRs of course

This year I have to have a step above the semi-formal because Josh and I are going down to Savannah for our anniversary dinner on Friday night (going to the AquaStar, will tell you all about it when we return). So I am wearing my all time favorite brand for anything Lilly Pulitzer . In fact, I'm wearing the long Lilly dress I wore on our honeymoon, with my green & white JRs and my Mema Kay's pearl earrings. (forgive the grainy photo, I took it with my whole cell phone)

#3 is what gets me.
I pack a variety of outfits because I like to have choices once I get to the beach house AND I never know what the weather is going to do.
I narrowed my "going out" ensembles to just 8 (we are there 6 nights so this is quite the accomplishment).

I won't be blogging while I'm in Hilton Head, so I'll write again June 14th :) have a fabulous weekend!

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