Wednesday, June 16, 2010

anniversary dinner at Aqua Star

While Josh and I were happy to enjoy a week in HHI with my whole family, we wanted to get away Friday night to celebrate our 1 year anniversary (a little early since our actual anniv. was Sunday), so we drove the 45 minutes to Savannah, GA and ate at the Aqua Star.
I chose the restaurant after polling friends and researching lots of places in GA online. Some suggested the Ole Pink House, others said Elizabeth on 37th, but those just weren't what I was looking for. I wanted somewhere quiet, boutique-ish and with a great view of downtown Savannah without being over-the-top expensive.
Aqua Star fit everything I wanted.
The restaurant was located on the 2nd floor of the Westin Resort in DT Savannah on the waterfront. It was quiet, unique, had great service and was voted "Best View in Savannah" so it certainly fit the bill.

We started with the Firecracker Calamari then moved on to a cup of SheCrab Soup (which was marvelous and had just the right amount of sherry) and then on to our main courses.
Josh had the Lobster Tail and Filet.

I of course had to try a little of his and was surprised at how great the lobster was. It was cooked tempura style, so it reminded me a lot of my favorite sushi (Shrimp Tempura).

I had the crab cakes with sweet potato chips.

I should probably mention that I am slightly allergic to crab. But I adore it, so I usually just take a Benadryl and enjoy all of that I want.
After dinner, we had planned to walk around in downtown Savannah and spend some time in the area.... but it was around 98 degrees and I was already feeling the sleepy effects of the Benadryl, so after paying our slightly expensive check (I reminded Josh that it was a very special meal so price didn't matter, but that didn't keep him from pulling a face at the 3-digit total) we headed back to HHI.
It's a good thing we went back because apparently Benadryl doesn't work as well when I eat sheCRAB soup AND CRAB cakes... I got incredibly sick. (Happy Anniversary to me).
Here's a few photos from our dinner (forgive their quality, I left my camera at the cottage so the BlackBerry was all I had):

The front of the Westin

The view from our window seat table

A giant boat came through the harbor as we were eating, look how large it is compared to the building at its bow

I thought a really cool feature in the Aqua Star was the fans. They are all connected by belts which keep them running.

I highly recommend the Aqua Star!

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