Tuesday, June 29, 2010

year of the weddings numero dos

After Rebecca's wedding, one of my best friends, Dana, was married next on May 16th. Dana was also married at a local church and her reception was in the back yard of a beautiful farm house under a huge white tent. Dana had a huge wedding party (9) and the events leading up to the wedding were AMAZING. Dana had great showers (and lots of them) and by the far the best bachelorette party I have ever attended (thanks to Urs & Ang).
I blogged about how close her wedding brought my friends & I here. Dana's reception was also full of dancing and SWEATING. One little girl even opted to keep throwing her dress over her head while she danced, it was magical.

me, using my sash as a napkin to wipe off sweat (i realize how gross this is)

the bachelorette party :)

The wedding party (well, most of it)

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