Tuesday, May 20, 2014

a new room for Sawyer

With baby number two due in November, we (and by "we", I most definitely mean "I") have had to start thinking about furniture for both the nursery and Sawyer's room.

Sawyer was sleeping in a full-size bed that converted from his crib, when he started flipping out so badly at night we purchased the pirate ship bed... which he slept in maybe 12 times (but loves to play in). With a $250 bed that isn't even being used sitting in our master bedroom and a baby on the way, we made a big decision to sell the pirate ship, which it did in almost 15 minutes after I put it on Facebook and Instagram last night.

goodbye little ship, we'll keep the angry toddler though
So now, I will be taking the bed from the spare bedroom to turn it into Sawyer's bed. That bed is mine from college and is just a bed frame attached to a hot pink upholstered head board so I will obviously be recovering it. This got me thinking, what else can we do to make Sawyer actually want to sleep in his room?

How about a reading corner?! Since now he will just have the bed and a dresser (and the smaller dresser/changing table will be moved to the spare bedroom) he will have a free corner in his room for something fun.

I am thinking about making this hanging tent type nook (hoola hoop + fabric + hook + rope) in some much manlier colors then adding some book shelves around it using rain gutters like in the pin below.

I've also been toying with the idea of a felt board. He loves stickers and magnets, so maybe he would like sticking felt objects to a board just the same?


Once we have his room set up we also have to tackle the really hard part: how to get him to stay in there. I've been reading up on different ways to get a toddler to actually sleep on their own and I think we're in for a doozy.


  1. Aw bye pirate ship. I would have slept in that thing. I have stumpy legs, I could have fit :)

  2. This sounds TERRIBLE, but my sister turned the lock around and locks her toddler in. It took three days of crying and banging on the door but now he sleeps straight through the night!