Wednesday, May 14, 2014

goodbye big closet

On Saturday while Josh was fixing the yard as part of my Mother's Day gift, I set Sawyer up in the playroom with a movie and a snack and tackled the spare bedroom closet.

You see, that spare bedroom is going to be transformed into a nursery in Nov. for baby number two ( who I have affectionately been calling "Nugget), however most of my clothes, crafts, decorations and gift-wrapping supplies  are currently stored in there in that room's closet and all of my fold-able clothes are in my old dresser from my college apartment in there. So, I figured why not use a free Saturday while I am still able to move well to at least get started on cleaning it out.

the spare room in its messy glory.  Side note: anyone interested in purchasing that Lilly Pulitzer comforter?

Since I am going to have to move all of my dresses into the (much smaller) closet in the master bedroom, I had to do some serious thinking about what to keep, give away, store or throw out. I divided my clothes into seasons so I could store the winter/fall stuff in totes in the attic and bagged up a bunch of items to go to Good Will and two bags of items to try to sell at a consignment store/on the blog (because I can't imagine taking old Lilly dresses somewhere without getting at least a little money out of them).

poor little jam-packed closet - Josh's stuff is on the right side behind the door

My next step for the master closet will be finding another home for that plastic set of drawers holding all my t-shirts and sweat pants since that is where my dresser is going to have to go, I think.

Once I'd handled the clothes, I tackled the crafts. I had half-finished craft projects, scraps of ribbon, scraps of fabric and glitter EVERYWHERE along with rolls of tulle and faux flowers from various parties, showers and wedding things. So in the spare closet in the hallway (that was housing a hodge podge of junk), I organized my decorations by season and color and finally folded all my fabric into plastic drawers.
top part of the "craft closet "

bottom  part of the "craft closet "
Best part of the organization was finding a box of old CDs from high school and college. We're talking scratched up, decorated and super random mixes of my favorite jams. There was one entitled "I Don't Even Know" and it had hits such as "Jolene" by Dolly Parton, "Still Not a Player" by Big Pun, "Temperature" by Sean Paul and "Think of Me" from Phantom of the Opera. #eclectictaste

So I made good progress on cleaning out the spare closet, I still have to find a home for all our luggage and extra tote bags (which I think will have to be under the bed in our room, along with several under-the-bed storage things). I must admit that I am super jealous that baby number two is going to have a bigger closet than me and Josh.


  1. I've been reading your blog for a while but I don't think I've ever commented before...I'm an ENC girl too and remember reading all about your wedding in Her magazine. :) So excited for your family and "Nugget!" Oh and really excited about Lilly dresses on the blog sale ;)

  2. I may be interested in a Lilly or two :) Also, how did I fail to notice the first time around that you also had the CD's with the tribal shit on them?! I miss burning CD's...sigh. Kids are so spoiled today. I also have a craft closet that I am dreading cleaning out.

  3. Though it can take so much time, I love when I actually have time to go through and really clean out my closets. It's fun and rewarding. You can actually see progress! Then once you're finished it looks all nice and organized. The trick is getting it to stay that way :) Happy cleaning, sorting, and nesting to you :)