Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Lady, don'tcha know we love ya?

(just in case you didn't know, this post title is from the Tupac song "Dear Mama")

My little crew and I celebrated Mother's Day all weekend long since we knew that Sunday would be busy as we visited both sides of the family to see our mama's and grandma's.

Saturday, we all got up and headed to run some errands as a family (versus me and Sawyer going while Josh stays home to work in the yard like we usually do).

Our second stop (after a quick run to Harris Teeter for some groceries) was to pick up some hydrangeas for our mothers for their Mother's Day gifts. We waited until the last minute to insure minimal dying for the plants since I have a black thumb when it comes to gardening. Sawyer mainly just enjoyed riding around on the little hand cart.

Josh also picked up some flowers for the yard to replace a giant dying bush that has taken over our landscaping. He took him several tries to get that monster out of the ground and eventually had to put a tow rope on it and pull it out with his truck (which he totally loved). We couldn't get all the roots up, so we had to cover it up with some mulch and buy this little hangy-tower thing. I'm thinking the new flowers are a major improvement

We headed to church Sunday morning where Sawyer promptly told my mema and mama that "we got you a mother's day surprise, it's flowers!" before we could even get into the sanctuary. Little surprise-ruiner.

After service, we went to my parents house for lunch prepared by my dad, made super obvious by the dirtiness of the kitchen.

Then we posed for our standard Mother's Day pictures.
photo by my daddy
You might ask, "Lauren, why isn't Sawyer in pictures with you on Mother's Day?" That would be because he was too busy playing on his pirate fort with Josh.
photo by my daddy

photo by my daddy
Sawyer decided to play with every toy he has at my parents while we were all enjoying lunch  (that he wouldn't eat) and Josh went to "clean it up", 10 minutes later this is what I found:

We spent the evening at Josh's parents' house where Sawyer discovered his Uncle Jordy's tent and was fascinated by it - but mainly just fascinated by walking in and out of it and tripping over the little doorway.

He also demanded that he get to help his Mimi stir the macaroni and cheese.

I am so blessed to have amazing women in my life who have truly paved the way for the steps I want to take as a mother (and a grandmother later in life). I am so thankful for my mama, Mema Dean, mother-in-law and grandma-in-law and really missed celebrating with my Mema Kay, but know she was having a great Mother's Day in Heaven.

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