Monday, May 19, 2014

today will be a good day

I've decided that today will be a good day, even though it is a Monday. Here is why:

  • Today, my wonderful husband turns 29, his last birthday in his 20s! And although it kind of sucks that we're both at work and not together all day to celebrate, I have his favorite meal planned for this evening: hamburger steak and gravy (can you tell we're country?)

my favorite shot of Joshua taking a few years ago by his cousin Michelle
  • I had my first (of many to come) routine checkup this morning for Baby Edmo and everything is going great. Blood pressure where it is supposed to be, little Nugget had a strong heartbeat of about 163 and my nausea is finally going away. I had lost about 4 lbs, but I think that's a combo of the nausea and just eating better in general. 

  • I got to spend Saturday helping my best friend Hope shop and plan for the crafts we will be making for her daughter Ella's first birthday party and I am so excited about the party planning to come! I've been pin-crazy on Pinterest lately with ideas for the pink, mint and gold affair!

  • I have a calm week at work this week since most of the students are gone for the summer and our first summer session hasn't started yet so I finally get to work on some projects that have been taking the back burner (like some major changes to our website). 

  • Thanks to great sales (and some coupons) at Belk, Nordstrom and Target on maxi dresses, I am set for the summer and the last of the ones I purchased is due to arrive in our mail box today! I love a maxi, especially since I can wear them now while I'm rocking the bump and then next summer when I'm not too!
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I hope your Monday is amazing!

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