Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sawyer Says...

While Sawyer has been talking non-stop since probably the 1.5 year mark, lately his little personality has developed even further. He amazes us every day with his random statements and words that we wish he didn't know too...

Sawyer: Mommy, Plankton (little villian on Spongebob) just said 'stupid'
Me: Well, Plankton said that bad word because he is a bad guy, but we don't say that word because we're the good guys right?
Sawyer: Yes ma'am, but if I'm so good how come I keep doing bad things?

While visiting my parents and sitting in my daddy's lap eating chips:
Sawyer: Papa why is your belly so big, are you having a baby too?
Daddy: No buddy, that's just from eating so much.

The mornings are quite challenging. Sawyer is not big on having to get up and going (probably because he doesn't sleep more than about 7 hours a night).
Josh: Alright man, let's go get our clothes on and head to B's house.
Sawyer: I have a better idea, we could get back in bed and snuggle and watch Tom & Jerry.

My personal favorite (thanks Josh)
Sawyer: Mommy, daddy said you have a 'big booty'
Me: Well buddy, I do.
Sawyer: How come he married you then?

Sawyer's new favorite thing to do is run when he is in trouble. If we call his name in a harsh tone or if he does something wrong in front of us he immediately says (out loud) "RUN AWAY!" and indeed, runs away.

He has also developed a fear of being alone in the car, I have no idea where this came from but it is intense. If we put him in his carseat then walk around to our seat to drive, he wants us to walk around the front of the car so he can see us. If I pump gas at the station with him in the car, he wants me to open the back door so he can talk to me. I am praying this is just a phase because he looks just absolutely terrified every time we go to get in the car.

In case you can't tell from his pics, homie is in the 92 percentile for his height, hopefully he will just learn to eat enough to keep up! He pretty much hates food, unless it's a boberry biscuit from BoJangles.

I can't wait to see how he truly handles being a big brother come November. He asks me every day when I get home from work "did it come out yet?!" and I have to remind him that it will be cold outside and I will be ginormous by the time baby makes an appearance.


  1. OMG this is the best. I love all of this, especially the RUN AWAY. How do you keep a straight face?

  2. Haha aww I love how he actually says Run Away! At least he gives you great stories to tell :)

  3. Those are so cute! Kids really do say the darnest things.