Thursday, July 17, 2014

the tale of Gary the Gallbladder

There once was an angry little gallbladder named Gary (who threw his first little fit a few weeks ago) that got very, very mad at his lovely host, we'll call her Lauren, and decided to go absolutely crazy on her insides.

Tuesday morning Gary woke up at around 5:45am very mad at the body he lived in and decided the best way to show his anger was to send waves of pain through Lauren's shoulders, sides, ribs and stomach.

Needless to say, Lauren woke up writhing in pain, crying, and barely able to catch her breath. Gary continued his angry rant for almost two hours as Lauren and her husband drove their very scared 3-year-old to daycare and high-tailed it to the hospital. Thankfully, his host has an amazing OB who told Lauren to bring herself (and Gary) straight to labor and delivery so that while doctors tried to figure out what Gary's deal was, they could keep a close eye on Lauren and her baby.

Gary eased up around 8am as Lauren underwent an ultrasound, labs and continuous monitoring of not only her blood pressure and pulse but also the heartbeat of the almost-22-week-old baby living inside her.
Lab results came back showing that Gary had made her liver enzymes super high as her liver tried to overcompensate for Gary's slack and also shot up her white blood cell count, then the radiologist revealed that the reason Gary was so angry was because he was basically all gall stones.

Gary ended his reign over Lauren's body at 5pm on Tuesday and went to live on a ranch somewhere with other mean gallbladders (and probably appendixes too) after a very nice surgeon took him out.

Lauren had to spend one long night in the hospital with hourly checks on her and baby by a wonderful nurse then was discharged Wednesday morning to relax at home with some pain meds, heating pad and instructions to drink lots of water.

The end.

(btw, thanks for all the thoughts & prayers!)


  1. Yikes dude. Gary is an asshole. Thank god you're rid of him for good. Glad you're on the mend! Xoxo

  2. Eek how rude!!! Glad you're doing better and got rid of him! :)

  3. Oh wow! I'm glad they figured it out and got rid of him!!

  4. YIKES!! Gary can hang out with my mean gallbladder on that farm! I can only imagine how scary it was while pregnant! I'm glad everything went welL! <3

  5. Yikes!! Gary is no joke. Glad he's long gone and you and baby E are a-okay!!

  6. Oh no! I am glad you were able to have the surgery and get rid of that angry Gary.