Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Princess Ella turns One!

This past weekend (as in Sunday, yes I am just now blogging on Wednesday), my best friend Hope's little girl, Ella Marie turned one! I feel like we were just celebrating Ella's impending arrival at Hope's baby shower, so I could hardly believe when Hope texted me a few months ago and said "let's start planning Ella's party".

Hope had already chosen a precious chalkboard-print style invitation with pink and mint colors and a cupcake/princess theme, which naturally meant we needed to add some gold glitter in the mix too. After a few Saturday's of making fake cupcakes (tutorial here) for the tables, spray-painting some mason jars & making a three-tier cupcake server (tutorial here) - I am super pumped with how well everything turned out and Ella seemed to have a great time being celebrated!

Hope's sister-in-law Elizabeth made some fun memory boards with pictures that looked great on the mantle in the clubhouse!
Hope's super crafty mom, Mrs. Nell made Ella's tutu and a precious tutu and cover for the high chair too.

we were totally worried that the big heavy cupcake on top was going to just topple over on the home-made cake tier tray but it worked out great (as long as there were cupcakes on the bottom two tiers to keep it steady)
three-tiered tray minus the cupcakes
the fake cupcakes were a great addition to the food table and centerpieces and went great with the theme, and yes we did have to remind a few people that they were indeed fake. 

Princess Ella getting into her smash cupcake (and surrounded by paparazzi)

My favorite picture, Hope, Ella & Eric (post-cupcake eating) 

papa, paparazzi
opening her numerous gifts

tantrums are cuter in tutus, and it's her party and she can throw a little tantrum if she wants to.
...besides, she bounced right back.

Rachel, Dana & Colton enjoying the festivities
Scarlet and Colton ready to make a run for it

Ella and her sweet grandpas
I am so happy that I got to be a part of not only the party-planning for Ella, but also her first year. Can't wait to celebrate many more birthdays with this princess. 

You may notice that there are no pics of Sawyer from this party. Homeboy spent an entire week at the beach with Josh's family (and Josh went down Wednesday) and was too ill from traveling and helping unpack his grandparents' cars to grace us with his presence (as was his daddy). So Saturday while I was spray-gluing sprinkles to the top of fake cupcakes Sawyer was thankfully not around to destroy them, instead he was fishing with his "uncle jordy".

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  1. This came out so cute! I love watching babies eat their first smash cakes. Cutest thing ever.