Friday, July 18, 2014

wedding planning and Mountain Pie

before the adventures with my gallbladder, I got to spend two days in the NC mountains with my sister Deanna & mama planning for Dee's wedding next June.

Since Dee will be exceptionally busy finishing up her final year of undergrad and applying to medical school this fall/next spring so we are trying to get lots of planning and meetings out of the way, especially with the wedding taking place 5 hours away in Hendersonville.

Dee will be getting married at the Bearwallow Mountain in the Highlands. It is an absolutely beautiful venue and I was so glad I finally got to see it in person.

I can hardly wait to see her in her dress, walking through the stone archway under the house and across the open field to stand in front of that cross and marry John John. 

And you truly cannot beat these views!

We sampled catering options of BBQ, smoked turkey and appetizers at Luella's in Asheville, found some florists we want to meet with later, and met with two cake bakers, the second of which I sadly didn't get to sample at since ole Gary was rearing his ugly head.

Friday night we explored downtown Hendersonville which has really flourished in the past couple of years, it really gives me hope for our little downtown in Tarboro! We ate at the Green Room Cafe & Coffeehouse where I had a delicious cup of crab and corn chowder followed by a salad with strawberries, chicken, dried cranberries, and pecans. We walked around downtown for awhile while enjoying some Kilwin's Ice Cream and listening to a few live bands set up on the street.

But the highlight of the trip was Saturday morning when we dined at Mountain Pie and Cake. The place didn't look like much from the outside, but oh my word the inside was absolutely precious and was set up like a European tea room. As soon as we sat down at our little table, the owner's daughter brought us each a plate of fruit, a warm muffin, a cup of coffee and a glass of OJ, all of which served on/in beautiful china. Dee ordered the German fruit pockets and mama got apple pie pancakes while I enjoyed amazing chocolate hazelnut filled crepes. They were divine and rivaled those I had in Europe in 2012 (which were probably only better because they were eaten in the view of Notre Dame).

We are hoping to head back to Hendersonville in the fall to meet with florists and another caterer or two, and I am hoping to head back to Mountain Pie for more crepes. 


  1. The venue is GORGEOUS! I cannot wait to see photos of this wedding and it's just under a year away. Your sister is going to be a stunning bride! Missing out on cake is such a bummer. Stupid Gary.