Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I believe...

Just a few random beliefs for your hump day:

I believe.. that the first and last pieces of bread in the pack (the one that has an entire side of crust) is not meant to be eaten. I know it's silly to waste two slices of bread in every loaf I buy, but I just can't bring myself to eat that "weird" piece.


I believe... that if you pull out in front of me that you're ASKING for me to tailgate you. I am usually going a good 7 to 8 miles over the speed limit, so if you feel the need to whip your car out in front me when you could have just waited until I passed by, prepare to see my front bumper up close and personal in your rear view mirror.

I believe... that packing/shopping without a list is a recipe for disaster (for me at least). Without a list I overpack my suitcase with no clear "outfit plan" in mind and just throw things in my cart at the grocery store. Thank goodness for Evernote.

I believe... work voicemails are dumb. EMAIL ME. We even have "voice over IP" services so when you leave me a voicemail at work I actually access it from my email, so why not just put those spoken words into written format and let me avoid having to play a sound file?

I believe... glue guns and irons are out to get me. I've been working on two projects for the nursery and have managed to burn my fingers, arm, and even my calf. Also, expect some DIY posts soon!

sneak peek!
I believe... Sawyer has the best, most country accent I've ever heard in a toddler. Maybe it's because I am a little partial, but I just love to hear him express his little opinions (even though he talks more than we'd like sometimes).


  1. Glue guns get me EVERY SINGLE TIME! I also don't eat the end pieces of bread--we don't waste them though: Bailey gets them (our dog). She loves new loaf of bread day hah!

  2. I recently embraced the butt of the bread, but only when I'm desperate for a sandwich.

    Glue guns are awful.